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Fix Devanagari Script Showing On Website

Devanagari script is a widely used script around the world, but it becomes a problem when a website starts showing its content in this script. Users visiting the website will see gibberish and non-understandable content, which is neither Nepali nor Hindi language. In this post, we will discuss how we can solve the issue of a website showing content in Devanagari script.

Why are websites showing in Devanagari script?

You might be wondering why websites are loading and showing Devanagari script, even when you have turned off your translator. Well, EPC font is the main culprit in showing the Devanagari script on websites. If anyone has installed this font on their PC, then the user will see the Devanagari script all over the website when opening it. Following a few steps you can easily solve this problem.

How to uninstall the EPC Font?

Removing or uninstalling a font is very easy to perform, if you know how to use a PC then you can easily steps to remove the font. You can search for fonts on the Windows search bar and select the fonts option shown in the result. After that simply search for EPC font on the font list, and uninstall it.

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